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Three years ago today, my roommate, Tim “Trommy” Trometer was killed in a car accident coming back from Green Bay. Tim had a profound effect on my life… he embodied what it was to live Reformed doctrine. I wasn’t particularly inclined to any of that as an incoming freshmen, but it was so obvious that the Sovereign Lord was huge in Tim’s eyes. It would have an effect on me that lasts to today.

October 15th three years ago was a Saturday. The Tuesday before the accident, Tim and I were talking in our room about the brevity of life. His statement to me was “I know that tomorrow if I were to be killed in a car accident, it would happen inside His control and will. And I would gladly give it all to see him face-to-face.” As our other roommate, John Wright, would later say “Trommy called it.”

Trommy has beheld Christ’s face for three years now… face to face.

I envy him. Who has pointed you to Christ today? Have you pointed anyone to Christ?

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