The Crucified Reformed Church

How do we “receive power” [Acts 1:8]? It is the fruit not merely of book learning but of Christ fellowshiping—being more with Him, engaging in serious intercession in His name, meditating more on His glories. Perhaps in our much studying and discussing we have lost the biblical art of “waiting” and are all too prone to run ahead when the Spirit has not sent us with His anointing.

But another crucial thing is required here. Those who received such power in the apostolic days had to settle the related issue of crucifixion. They grasped that the risen Lord was the One who had first become a crucified Savior. Following Him meant a mark across their shoulders, a piercing of their hands and feet, and, yes, a gashing of their sides, too. Waiting without emptying will not lead to going with the fullness of the Spirit. The lives that generally have been marked by power to witness have always been thus.

So, how about the empowered Reformed church? How about the Spiritfilled Reformed church? Is the Reformed church these things by definition? Only if there is first the crucified Reformed church.

– Sinclair Ferguson, In Christ Alone


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