In a Name

Today I sat at work, organizing someone’s account and the areas their limousine company services. I don’t know why, but I began to have all kinds of thoughts while reading through the names:

Ninevah… I wonder who decided on that name in the naming committee? Were they expecting the need to repent? Were they grateful for some graciousness they had experienced? Were they expecting to get whacked at any moment?

Moscow, NY… I wonder if there were any jokes thrown around at the height of the Cold War. Like, someone walking up in a Russian accent and saying: “Yes, I am from Moscow!” Or maybe the local police was nicknamed the KGB. 

Maine, NY… I wonder if someone thought that they were being original? Or maybe it was founded before the colony of Maine. 

Poughkeepsie… say what? Sounds like the pet name some woman gives the man that she’s totally infatuated with but knows nothing about. Or perhaps the name of a lap dog. 

Shickshinny… not by the skin of my chinny chin chin? 

Strange names. Names that have history and bring up memories and connotations in my mind. Some just by the way they sound cause my mind to wander. Maybe I just need to stop it. Or maybe redirect my mind. All these cities, all these histories. I wonder… will the New Jerusalem have a history? Or will it be a blank slate which its inhabitants and King will be able to write what they will? 

Strange thoughts I have.


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