Study for the Summer

I’m considering what books to go over as part of a study group this summer, mostly for the guys that were part of the old Bible study, although others are welcome to come. I’m thinking an 8-10 weel study on one of two books: John Piper’s Battling Unbelief, or Rick Cornish’s 5 Minute Theologian. Reasons for each:

Battling Unbelief: this is a distilled version of Future Grace, one of Piper’s original greats. Essentially he goes about attacking common sins that come about in the Christian’s life because of unbelief: anxiety, pride, shame, impatience, covetousness, bitterness, despondency, and lust. It’s an excellent book, and one that I can get a DVD and workbooks to go with. We’d have 8 weeks of content, with maybe one week of intro and one week of outro. 8-10 week study, meeting once a week.

5 Minute Theologian: basically a brief introduction to systematic theology. My home pastor recently preached through Titus, and in one of the sermons emphasized how young men need to have their doctrine straight. I amen that wholeheartedly, and would say that each individual in the church needs to have the basics of the faith down and should at least wrestle with some of the more important doctrines. We would go through nine weeks of content (over each area of theology), with maybe one week of intro. 9-10 week study, meeting once a week.

Of course, we could also do both. What do you think? Anyone else have any thoughts on these two books?


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