The Gospel Coalition (2)

Tomorrow we’ll be loading up at 5 AM and going down to Chicago for the Gospel Coalition. Beyond the great messages from 2 Timothy, there will be great fellowship with three other like-minded men around the Word. We’ll be feasting on Gospel as we go, and then reflecting on it in our room after each day. 

So I’m particularly excited about that combination of proclamation and personification. The Gospel is the power for salvation… for the saved and the unsaved. The understanding that the Gospel is at the basis of my sanctification, and always will be, changes my perspective on grace. I can’t slip into a Galatians 3:3 mentality when the Gospel is central to my life. There’s too much grace there; how can I claim that it is in my power when the Cross is in view? 

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is power in of itself… for our justification, sanctification, and glorification. To realize that God saves us from beginning to end; this is the Gospel. And the rediscovery of this will, I think, fuel the distinction of genuine Christianity in our postmodern age. To be part of this message is an incredible privilege, and how we can cast this message to the world today is something I want to learn more of. I know the Gospel is eternally relevant; all we must do is properly frame the message before delivering it. But I also want to know what my generation faces in proclaiming the Gospel. I’ve seen some of it here, but I know the barriers are multifacted and seemingly huge.


As I’m sitting here, those of us who are going down are talking about how the Gospel in Crivitz. Thinking about the passion that should be ours for the people there. And I’m thinking about how I can better involved in my remaining days here, better handling and declaring the Gospel. I’ve spent too much time letting the Cross be secularized, pushed to the fringe of my own thinking and action in public. As I exit school, I want to be reasserting the Gospel to the forefront of my thinking when I interact with the world… not allowing it to be further squished into the periphery. 

The power of salvation for those who believe. There’s no power like it in the universe. It can and will tear down its opposition. Thank God.


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