Raising Kids in a Pornified Culture

Excellent thoughts from Zach @ Vitamin Z. Sobering to realize how rough it is for us now, and how much worse it will be for the next generation. Nevertheless, His promise stands sure… He will complete the good work He began in each of those who are His own. Zach offers some good practical thoughts. A snippet:

Our kids are spring loaded to be default legalists. They have to see us model the truth of the gospel through active repentance and forgiveness. They have to know that their acceptance before God is not based on their performance, but on Christ’s performance. They have to know that their standing as a family member is not dependant on their obedience as if they could earn that status, but rather, their standing as a family member implies a certain type of living. For example, when we are discinpling our kids we often say, “Since you are a member of this family and since I love you so much, you will not do….”. This is far different than saying, “If you want me to love you and if you want to keep living in this house, you better stop doing…!” The indicatives of our faith HAVE to preceed the imperatives. If we reverse that order we’ll be in a heap of trouble.

Read the whole thing.


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