I’m an OSU fan, and have followed their football pretty regularly for about the last 5 years. In 2007, at the BCS title game, they faced off against the Florida Gators. As such, I was cheering for my team… but they got annihilated. By almost thirty points. So, I’m not one to really freak out about it. Turned away from the game, it didn’t matter much (plus Natalie and I started dating five days prior, so I wasn’t putting a lot of stock into what was going on in the world of sports).

But little did I know that God, in His sovereignty, was raising up a man to glorify His Name before the nation. So, I hope the Gators keep winning if it means Tim Tebow gets more publicity, which in turn gives him the opportunity to give our Lord publicity.

Sports Illustrated recently had an insider take on his off-the-field life. You can read it here.


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