The Case for Early Marriage

Increasingly I find myself telling my friends who are in relationships to consider getting married sooner rather than later. Not really sure why that is; maybe I’ve seen enough delayed relationships end in lasting heartbreak or lasting sin. Whether it be college, parents, their own sense of timing, etc., the answer is almost universally the same: “we’re not ready.”

To which I’ve responded (and even moreso now that I’ve been married for a little while): “is anyone ever really ready for marriage?”

This recent article from Christianity Today articulates many of my thoughts. I’m making copies as I type. An excerpt:

Most young Americans no longer think of marriage as a formative institution, but rather as the institution they enter once they think they are fully formed. Increasing numbers of young evangelicals think likewise, and, by integrating these ideas with the timeless imperative to abstain from sex before marriage, we’ve created a new optimal life formula for our children: Marriage is glorious, and a big deal. But it must wait. And with it, sex. Which is seldom as patient.

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  1. #1 by Enric on August 7, 2009 - 10:44 am

    Is a person really ever ready for marriage? That is a great question.
    My answer would be that no one is ever COMPLETELY ready. It’s much like a job that one takes that they’ve never done before and the tasks at hand are totally new and foreign.

    On the other hand, I believe that a couple can be more ready or less ready. Telling a couple when they ought to get married Depends on where they stand on the “readiness scale” in my opinion.
    While there are problems that you mentioned (lasting heartbreak, lasting sin) from waiting too long, there are equally damaging effects if a couple jumps into marriage too soon. Most of the time this takes place while a couple is in the the “in love” euphoric stage. That emotional high, while very exciting, can often blind and effect people’s judgment.

    I think it is not the best idea to get married at that stage in a relationship. Sometime after that, when the couple is out of the clouds and more grounded in reality, is probably a better time to make that lifelong commitment.

    Good topic Viz. Miss you guys a lot.

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