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When Sheep Attack

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“Hollywood Has the Best Moral Compass”

You must be kidding me. Albert Mohler with some commentary on the Roman Polanski debate. Also, lest we think that the moral compass belongs to “good people”, there’s another article about home-grown morality and the Gospel’s distinctness. A snippet of that one:

Writing about his own childhood in rural Georgia, the novelist Ferrol Sams described the deeply-ingrained tradition of being “raised right.” As he explained, the child who is “raised right” pleases his parents and other adults by adhering to moral conventions and social etiquette. A young person who is “raised right” emerges as an adult who obeys the laws, respects his neighbors, gives at least lip service to religious expectations, and stays away from scandal. The point is clear — this is what parents expect, the culture affirms, and many churches celebrate. But our communities are filled with people who have been “raised right” but are headed for hell.

Morality is not a question of social liberalism versus social conservatism. It’s a question of the Gospel!

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