Thoughts from a Rock Concert

Two weeks back, Nat and I were given a couple of tickets to see the David Crowder Band in concert. It’s been about six years since I was at such a concert, and I believe it was one of Natalie’s first times at such a “worship” concert. The two acts prior to David Crowder were alright in their own right, although only one of them made any attempt to identify themselves as Christian, and that was only through the clear annunciation of the lyrics in one of their songs.

So, enter David Crowder & co. If you haven’t heard about how his band got its start, its worth a read. Run over and wiki him to get the low-down. In short, it’s not like he’s just in it to make cash. He’s actually got a heart to direct people to worship their Savior and Lord. The execution… or more properly, the reception… is something else entirely. As David went through his litany of songs, there were many that were familiar to me, I’m sure all were familiar to the crowd. Sitting near the back, we saw most of the crowd at any one moment. David’s proclamation that we were going to “have church” didn’t quite ring true, and I knew why: the people weren’t there to worship God, they were there to be entertained.

When everyone is convinced that “worship” in wrapped up in emotion without thought, or emotion without action, then everyone can leave a “worship service” without thinking about the Christ who died for them. Without desiring to be His hands and feet to a lost world. And you know what? That’s exactly what I heard in the week after. “Wasn’t David Crowder great?” And for the life of me, I could not see anyone leaving that concert and the next day talking about how great their God was. Maybe it’s just me… but I doubt it.

As Rich Mullins said a few weeks before his death, we don’t go to concerts to worship. We go to be entertained. If we want to worship, we should go to church.


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