Remembering Roe vs. Wade

A decade before I was born, seven people decided that it was legal in the United States for a mother to kill her child if it couldn’t survive outside the womb. I wonder what they would do now had they known that 45 million people would be killed as a result of their ruling and subsequent legal decisions.

Changing minds about abortion has often been linked historically to changing minds about slavery. Black slaves were people, although few would grant them that recognition or the accompanying rights. Black slaves were legally considered property, although in God’s eyes they were far more than that.

The parallels are endless… and in order for hearts and minds to be changed about abortion, the truth must be proclaimed. Even graphically. This is what it took for William Wilberforce and his allies to turn the tide in the war against the slave trade in England. I pray daily that another Wilberforce will step forward with the tenacity to endure for decades in the fight against those who would murder children for money, convenience, whatever. That the country would not rend itself apart as it did during the Civil War, or begin to abort itself into oblivion, as many European countries today are.

A round up of posts pertinent to today:

A rigorously researched defense of the biblical position on abortion by John MacArthur.

For over 20 years, John Piper has marked this date from his pulpit.

An interview on the real obstacles and goals in overturning Roe vs. Wade.

A plea to tear down apathy on the issue, and see it as the responsibility of the Christian church to speak out.

An interesting article on why so many abortion providers and those who work in the “industry” turn pro-life. The answer might surprise you.

“Would it bother us more if they used guns?” Check out, my favorite pro-life website.

Who is Norma McCorvey? The answer is ammunition in the fight against abortion.

Updated on 01/23/10:

Keven DeYoung notes the double standard apparent in state law vs. federal law on abortion.

Another interview on overturning Roe vs. Wade.

Let’s fight the good fight of faith, realizing that this fight against death and for life is the cause of Christ and the logical, righteous implication of the Gospel.


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