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The Future

It’s been quiet here at the blog for the last month. Several things have conspired to keep me from writing too much:

– I’ve been accepted provisionally (more on that in a second) into Bethlehem Seminary in Minneapolis for their incoming fall 2010 class. This has been something we’ve prayed about and looked into for about six months; needless to say, we’re excited. Assuming a few requirements are met, we’ll be moving in August.

– The “provisionally” above refers to a Greek entrance exam that I’ll be taking sometime in May or June. Upon passing it, I’ll receive final acceptance. As such, first-year Greek has been my daily diet for about a week. Having gong through syntax and using my Reader’s Greek most mornings as part of devotions means I’m fairly familiar with the grammar of the New Testament. Still, it’s been 20 months since I’ve been under any formal Greek teaching. So, I’m on a crash course to relearn everything that’s rusty in my mind.

– As such, this blog will likely go on being neglected. I hope to post thoughts from the several books that I’m currently reading, but more substantive blogging will be a rarity for the foreseeable future.

Be praying for us as we plan for and make this move… and as we continue to minister at our church in Cincinnati.



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Five Arguments for God

William Lane Craig does a great job arguing for the existence of God in the face of Richard Dawkins’ attacks in The God Delusion. Quite accessible, and highly recommended. A portion:

… the noted American philosopher Roderick Chisholm opined that the reason atheism was so influential in the previous generation is that the brightest philosophers were atheists; but today, he observes, many of the brightest philosophers are theists, using a tough-minded intellectualism in defense of that belief.

The New Atheists are blissfully ignorant of this ongoing revolution in Anglo-American philosophy. They are generally out of touch with cutting-edge work in this field. About the only New Atheist to interact with arguments for God’s existence is Richard Dawkins. In his book The God Delusion, which has become an international best-seller, Dawkins examines and offers refutations of many of the most important arguments for God. He deserves credit for taking the arguments seriously. But are his refutations cogent? Has Dawkins dealt a fatal blow to the arguments?

Read the article to find Craig’s answer.

HT: Andy Naselli

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Desiring God Pastor’s Conference Live

One of the unique aspects of living in the age we do is the immediate access to immense amounts of data. This, thankfully, has been noticed and is now being used by His Church to make His glory known. I’ll be watching the Desiring God Pastors Conference from my living room later today and tonight. You can watch the live stream here. Here’s the preview for the conference:

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