Making the Switch (1)

Life has been a whirlwind. Brief updates:

– I’m now working as an intern at Bethlehem Baptist Church in the Family Discipleship Department. It, quite simply, is incredible means of sanctification. There’s such camaraderie and accountability as to make the steady slaying of sin visible in my life. God uses means, and these means are indeed sweet. I get to teach the Sunday School for the senior high students starting this Sunday. Some of my blog posts (hopefully starting again in the next week) will come from my studies through this.

– Seminary is better than I thought it would be. And that’s not saying I didn’t have high expectations. Just a glimpse: during the week prior to school starting, we took two days for everyone to get to know each other. All 17 students in my class got 30-45 minutes to share the story of God’s grace in their life. Heard the same from three of the faculty members. Just simply glorious to see salvation worked in (and out) in the lives of brothers.

The classes are similar… much discussion (though there’s plenty of lecture too). A certain level of competency is expected coming in, and thus the discussions are lively and thoughtful. I’m grateful for all the brothers God has brought into my life, and the setup is such that I can expect lifelong friendships to form over the next four years.

– I bought a Mac. And it’s serving me and the cause of Christ quite well. No blue screens. No random shut downs. No viruses. No slow-downs after being on all day. Very, very pleased. Just need an iPod or iPhone now to organize my life!

Your prayers have been more than appreciated; they’ve been treasured. I pray that as you see Christ being shaped in us that it becomes more kindling to the fire of your faith. Jesus is treasure indeed… like nothing else.



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