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Surpassingly Fair Lord Jesus

HT: Challies. Get this as a wallpaper in 1280×8001280×10241600×12001680×10501900×12002560×1440.


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From Challies:

The words come from an old German hymn of unknown authorship which was later translated by Jane Borthwick. It was printed in Hymns from the Land of Luther under the title “The Long Good-night” (originally “Ich fahr dahin mit Freuden”).

I journey forth rejoicing
From this dark vale of tears,
To heavenly joy and freedom,
From earthly bonds and fears;
Where Christ our Lord shall gather
All His redeemed again,
His kingdom to inherit.
Goodnight, goodnight till then!

Why thus so sadly weeping,
Beloved ones of my heart?
The Lord is good and gracious,
Though now He bids us part.
Oft have we met in gladness.
And we shall meet again,
All sorrow left behind us.
Goodnight, goodnight till then!

I go to see His glory,
Whom we have loved below:
I go, the blessed angels,
The holy saints to know.
Our lovely ones departed,
I go to find again,
And wait for you to join us.
Goodnight, goodnight till then!

I hear the Saviour calling,
The joyful hour has come:
The angel guards are ready
To guide me to our home,
Where Christ our Lord shall gather
All His redeemed again,
His kingdom to inherit.
Goodnight, goodnight till then!

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Another Gospel Indeed

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary just conducted an interesting and informative panel discussion on Brian McLaren’s latest book, A New Kind of Christianity. Brian is one of the leading voices in the emergent movement (a movement that many say is now defunct), which is simply a postmodern reclothing of theological liberalism. I’ve blogged about this before.

If you haven’t followed the discussion for the last few years, Brian has been fairly vague about his understanding of the Gospel. With the publishing of this latest book, he’s clarified quite a few things, and has thus made the battle lines distinct.

Make no mistake, these are battle lines. There is another gospel afoot, one that must be confronted. One that takes away almost everything that is precious about Christ. See the video below to find out what He’s replaced with. For more information on the emergent church, check out’s links.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Free Audiobooks for March

Since everyone else has posted this, I think I might as well. From Justin Taylor’s blog:

for the month of March you can download—for free—the audiobooks for Bonhoeffer’s The Cost of Discipleship and Piper’s Fifty Reasons Jesus Came to Die.

Use the coupon code MAR2010 for Bonhoeffer, and the code MAR2010B for Piper. Go here for more details.

Thanks to for the sweet giveaways they give each month.

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Five Arguments for God

William Lane Craig does a great job arguing for the existence of God in the face of Richard Dawkins’ attacks in The God Delusion. Quite accessible, and highly recommended. A portion:

… the noted American philosopher Roderick Chisholm opined that the reason atheism was so influential in the previous generation is that the brightest philosophers were atheists; but today, he observes, many of the brightest philosophers are theists, using a tough-minded intellectualism in defense of that belief.

The New Atheists are blissfully ignorant of this ongoing revolution in Anglo-American philosophy. They are generally out of touch with cutting-edge work in this field. About the only New Atheist to interact with arguments for God’s existence is Richard Dawkins. In his book The God Delusion, which has become an international best-seller, Dawkins examines and offers refutations of many of the most important arguments for God. He deserves credit for taking the arguments seriously. But are his refutations cogent? Has Dawkins dealt a fatal blow to the arguments?

Read the article to find Craig’s answer.

HT: Andy Naselli

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Desiring God Pastor’s Conference Live

One of the unique aspects of living in the age we do is the immediate access to immense amounts of data. This, thankfully, has been noticed and is now being used by His Church to make His glory known. I’ll be watching the Desiring God Pastors Conference from my living room later today and tonight. You can watch the live stream here. Here’s the preview for the conference:

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The Bible is Not Play-doh

A good post over at Chris Anderson’s blog from last week. Something to whet your appetite:

Put a zero tolerance policy on your pulpit ministry. You might regret putting out an invitation occasionally. It happens. Sometimes there’s “a swing and a miss.” But it’s not a guessing game. Preachers have reputations. Choose those who are known for years of sound exegesis, not those who can spin a tale and work a crowd. You, too, need to have a tender conscience about preaching. “Not on my watch. Over my dead body.”

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