Philosophy of Blogging

My reasons for blogging have changed since I began blogging in 2005. Then, blogging was more of a proto-social media outlet, back when Facebook was still invite-only and Xanga had some social media-lite capabilities.

I started another blog on Blogspot that was more academic, but in hindsight I really shouldn’t have been writing as an undergrad with too many thoughts about theology.

Now, through this blog, I seek to bless the church in whatever small way I can, mostly by posting my thoughts on contemporary issues, exegesis, and theology (biblical, systematic, historical). I’m not planning on posting many links to other articles or what I’m reading; this is intended to be more a place for extended thoughts, arguments, and series on all of the above things. As such, I’m adopted Andy Naselli’s (via D. A. Carson) taxonomy: exegesis, biblical theology, systematic theology, historical theology, practical theology.

  1. The Fog Lifts, The Cobwebs Fall | Then Face to Face

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